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Welcome to Furniwood, a premium Portuguese furniture company founded in 2014 with a passion for crafting high-quality, solid wood furniture. With more than 70 years of traditional fabrication experience, Furniwood has established itself as a leading manufacturer and exporter of furniture, catering to the demands of international markets.

At Furniwood, we believe that wood is an essential and timeless material that can transform any living space into a warm and welcoming environment. That is why we use only the finest quality solid wood in all our products, which are made and finished by hand, ensuring a unique and personal touch in every piece.


In all the products where wood is utilized it's only used wood of superior quality. This section is where the production process starts. It's responsible for receiving, organizing and humidity control the wood. 

Namely, wood selection and preparation accordantly to the internal quality patterns, eliminating this way, the majority of wood defects.


The art of veneering is also present. The vast experience on marquetry and veneering is one of its best specialties, as every type of veneer utilized is selected for its quality, eliminating any major defects.

FURNIWOOD has skilled labor in both traditional skills and teachings, but also in the modern working methods with the use of robotics and mechanics machinery.


The finish is the final part of the manufacturing process. It's where the furniture gains its character.


Always by hand, the finish is made accordingly to the client's preference depending on the collection's range of colours option. This section is also prepared for making custom made colours.


Traditional and new techniques are utilized for giving the furniture an unique feel without compromising its quality and touch.

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